I made this designer inspired dessert stand with three items I found at Goodwill.  Can you guess what they are?


I loved the look of this cake stand, and I’ve been determined to recreate it.  I came up with a plan, and headed to my local Goodwill store to find the pieces I needed to create my own dessert stand.  Just in time for mother’s day…this will be the perfect way to present a cake or other goodies!


Supplies Needed:

Candle holder (look for one with a wide base so it won’t be top heavy!)
Cake pan
Fake flowers
Glue gun
Spray paint

To make your own cake stand:


Step one:  Glue the flowers around the cake pan.  My flowers were actually on napkin rings, so I just cut them off the ring.  Be creative when looking for flowers at Goodwill!  You won’t always find them on the stem, but they’re often on wreaths and other arrangements.


Step two:  Glue the cake pan to the candle holder.

Step three:  Prime all the surfaces (I used a spray on adhesion promoter).  Then spray paint the entire project.


Your gorgeous dessert stand is now complete!  The surface is not food safe, so place a doily or wax paper on it before putting any dessert on the tray.


I plan to fill mine with cupcakes.  If your mom isn’t into sweets, a pretty candle or figurine would look lovely on this stand.  So many possibilities!  Have fun creating!


Disclosure:  I am an official Goodwill blogger.  All ideas and opinions expressed in this post are my own.



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