This Grandma’s Garden DIY sign is a great gift for Mother’s Day! Make it yourself with vinyl so you can personalize the sign for your family’s names. This is a sponsored post with StyleTech Craft Vinyl but all ideas and opinions are my own.

Grandma's Garden DIY Sign with vinyl

One of the best things about crafting with vinyl is that you can create unique projects that are personalized. We have a lot of no-so-common names in my family, so being able to DIY my own decor means I can always “find” our names! I used transparent vinyl by StyleTech Craft on a piece of scrap wood to create this cheery, custom Grandma’s Garden DIY Sign.

nonna's garden sign

Grandma’s Garden DIY Sign Supplies

prep wood for vinyl transfer Grandma's Garden DIY Sign

The scrap wood I was using was pretty rough. To create a flat surface for the vinyl to adhere to, I spread a layer of modeling paste over the wood to fill in the gaps.

pickling wash on wood Grandma's Garden DIY Sign

When that was dry I painted the dried modeling paste with a Pickling Wash to give it a soft blue color. I wiped back some of the wash to distress the paint finish more.

cut vinyl for Grandma's Garden DIY Sign

After that I started working on my design in Silhouette Studio. Use a cursive script font to write the children’s names, and then weld the letters together. This creates the stems for the flowers. I used two shades of green for those.

StyleTech Craft has such a huge variety of colors to choose from that I was able to find several different hues in the orange/yellow family of colors. This helps the flowers blend together better, instead of having a clash of too many colors. I wanted to maintain the rustic look of the wood, so I used transparent vinyl. Most people use this on glass, but I love the way the wood texture shows through the faint color. The wash of color on the vinyl pairs nicely with the wash of color on the wood board.

transfer vinyl for Grandma's Garden DIY Sign

My mother is Italian so we call her Nonna. You can customize your sign so it reflects whatever special name you use for grandmother.

Grandma's Garden DIY Sign for Nonna

Have fun crafting and creating this beautiful personalized gift for someone you love!

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