Make skeleton fairies to decorate with for Halloween.

skeleton fairies

These skeleton fairies are perfect for a little Halloween tree, or to hang up somewhere. I have mine hanging from the rear view mirror in my car. You could even add these to your fairy garden to change it up for Halloween. This quick project is really inexpensive, too!

Supplies used to make fairy skeletons: (affiliate links are included)

The skeletons are strung together in a row of 4, to make a weird kind of garland. Cut the twine to separate them. Use a brush to paint the Rose Gold Metallic Luster (from DecoArt) over the skeletons. This will give them a little touch of fairy dust.

The butterflies come in packs of two. The butterfly bodies are made of styrofoam, so just tug gently to remove the wings from the body. Hot glue the wings to the back of the skeleton.

Make a tiny crown using sheet music paper. Glue the crown on the skeleton fairies’ heads.

Hot glue a loop of twine or ribbon to the back of the skeleton fairies. Use the loop to hang the item up wherever you want to display it.

skeleton fairies

I think these skeleton fairies are pretty enough to leave up year round. Why limit yourself to just Halloween? For more glam Halloween decorating projects, check out my skull florals or my queen of skulls candy dish. Have fun crafting and creating lots of decor for Halloween!


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