Simple football party crafts that you can make with friends and family.

Are you ready for some football? Whether you’re hosting or attending a Superbowl party, there’s crafting to be done! 🙂 We usually stay in and watch the game as a family. My boys always ask me (at the very last minute) to make them team shirts, as I showed you in this post. Of course, they always root for opposing teams, just because they could *never* cheer for the same team. So competitive, these boys! So to foster a little cooperation I had us make some football themed decor together. These family friendly projects are very easy to make.

The football field table runner, referee yellow flag holder, football banner and centerpiece tutorials are on Fairfield World’s site. I made those using non-fraying Oly-Fun fabric and a glue gun. You can get the full tutorial here. I even got to appear on a local television program to teach how to make these projects. If you want to see two otters use my football field table runner to predict the next superbowl winner, check out this short clip. 

jar suppliesjar step 1

The football mason jar is super simple to make. Simply fill the clean jar with some brown glass paint, put the lid on, and shake the paint around to coat the entire jar. Pour out the excess and let the paint dry. Follow the instructions on the bottle to set the paint permanently.  (Be sure to put the jar in a cold oven, then set the temperature.  Let the jar cool completely in the oven after it is turned off).

Use masking tape to make the laces on the jar. Then you can use the jar as a utensil holder!

Simple football party crafts that you can make with friends and family.

Quick, simple kid-friendly projects that will help you get in the spirit of the game!  Have a great weekend wherever you are enjoying the game.  Have fun crafting and creating for Superbowl football parties with your family and friends.


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