I’m sure you’ve heard of photobombing (dropping in a photo unexpectedly.)  This month, I want to encourage you to go heartbombing!   Spread smiles by leaving fun window cling hearts in unexpected places.  It’s really easy to make your own window clings!

Mod Podge
Freezer or wax paper

To make your own heart clings:


Step one: Pour 1/3 cup Mod Podge into a bowl.

Step two: Add paint (about a teaspoon) and glitter to Mod Podge and mix well.

Step three: Use a brush to apply the mixture to the freezer paper. Paint it into a heart shape.

Step four: After it has dried, carefully peel the heart off the paper. It will cling to any glass surface.


Now you can go heart bombing! Leave your DIY window clings on cars, mirrors, windows, and any other place with a glass surface.

I can’t wait to hear your heartbombing stories!


  1. Shared, shared, shared! Now to make our clings! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

    Added the badge to my blog too! (ps, might want to check the grab code, looks like it’s picking up the text from the post)

  2. I’m all over this!!! What a wonderful, lovely idea … now to find my mod podge … I know I have some around here somewhere

  3. I ADORE this idea, and thanks so much for the clings how-to!! I had no idea it was so easy!

  4. so I did this… and it sooooorta worked

    And I had to do 5 coats and when I peeled it off it obviously took a little wax paper with it… freezer paper would have been better. Not really sure what went wrong


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