Make a Baby Yoda Valentine box for your child to use at their class party this year!

Valentine class parties are around the corner. In addition to Valentine cards, most elementary aged kids have to bring a decorated box to school to collect their cards and gifts in. This Baby Yoda Valentine box is cute and so on trend! I’ll also show you how to make a panda valentine box and a Stitch valentine box, too.

baby yoda valentine boxes

Oly-Fun Fabric is perfect for making Valentine boxed for kids. The textile doesn’t fray, and it’s much sturdier than construction paper. Check out my video tutorial for all the details.

For a complete supply list, please see my tutorial on the Fairfield World Site: Valentine Boxes Made with Oly-Fun Fabric.

You’ll find my templates that you can download and print on their site, where I’ll teach you how to make this adorable Baby Yoda valentine box:

baby yoda valentine

As well as give you all the details (plus a printable template) for how to make this cute and simple Panda Valentine Box.

panda valentine holder

The Stitch Valentine box is a project from last year. My daughter loves anything and everything from the Disney Movie Lilo and Stitch, and requested that I make her a Stitch Valentine box for her class party. You can see that tutorial here: Stitch Valentine Box Tutorial.

stitch valentine holder

For more unique Valentine box ideas, see my Frog Prince Valentine box. I made that from a recycled milk carton! I also used a milk carton to make a Penguin Valentine Holder.

For another unexpected idea, use a dollar store trash can to make a one of kind Valentine box. Check out my Alien Valentine Holder tutorial for all the details.

Have fun crafting and creating Valentine boxes for and with your kids this year! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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