Make flamingo trophy art to add a pop of crazy color to your walls this summer!

Make flamingo trophy art to add a pop of crazy color to your walls this summer!

I’ve been obsessed with flamingos.  My daughter is, too.  You might remember the flamingo mobile I made last year.  Or my flamingo nail art.  Or the flamingo themed party my daughter and I planned for her 7th birthday.  Here’s another really fun project:  flamingo trophy art!  I made this project for DecoArt and now I’m sharing it with you here. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Supplies Used to Make Flamingo Trophy Art:

  • Plastic flamingo
  • Wood plaque
  • Patterned paper
  • Black feathers
  • Americana Decou-Page
  • Americana Multi-Surface Acrylics — Pink Tropics
  • Patio Paint Outdoor — Cloud White
  • Americana Multi-Surface Acrylics — Black Tie
  • Primers, Sealers, and Finishes — Americana Matte Spray Finish
  • Glue gun
  • Sanding tool
  • Craft knife
  • E-6000

Step one: Paint the sides of the wood plaque with Americana Pink Tropics paint. Let the first application dry and then paint a second layer of paint over it.

Step two: Trace and trim a piece of flowered patterned paper to fit the front of the plaque.

Step three: Paint the surface of the plaque with an even layer of Decou-Page. Place the paper on top and smooth out any air bubbles. Paint over the paper with Decou-Page, and let it dry completely.

Step four: Gently sand the edges of the paper to remove any excess paper. I didn’t want a white edge showing so I touched up the sanded edges of the paper with pink paint. Note: I like to seal the front of the paper with Decou-Page before I sand the edges because the paper is less likely to tear this way.

Step five: Paint the flamingo’s neck and head with Americana Pink Tropics paint. I think this gives the plastic finish a nicer tone and a more matte look.

Step six: Paint the eyes and beak with Cloud White Patio Paint. Let the first application dry and then paint over it again.

Step seven: Paint the end of the beak with Americana Black Tie paint. Also add a black dot to each eye.

Optional:  Seal the painted flamingo with American Matte Spray Finish.

Step eight: Use a craft knife to cut into the base of the neck of the plastic flamingo. The plastic is thin and easy to cut, just be careful!

Step nine: Attach the neck onto the plaque with E-6000. I use a bit of hot glue to hold the piece in place while the E-6000 dries.

Step ten: Hot glue feathers around the base of the neck.

Make flamingo trophy art to add a pop of crazy color to your walls this summer!

Have fun displaying your flamingo trophy art!

No animals were harmed in the making of this project!  I love my furry and feathered friends!



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