In this post I showed you how to make a basic meme. Sometimes, though, the background hides the letters. Here’s one way to fix that.

PicMonkey has lots of shapes and overlays you can use. You could put a box at the bottom of your image, add a speech bubble, a tag, or anything else you like. For this meme, I was inspired by Anne Taintor’s work and used simple white rectangles to enhance my text.

Step one: Open an image in Picmonkey (details here).

meme step 1

Step two: Select “Overlay”.  Lots of fun choices!

meme step 2

Step three:  Adjust the overlay as desired.

meme step 3

Step four:  Choose the “P” to add text.

I used two separate text boxes.

meme step 6

Your meme is ready to post!  I’d love to see what you create!  Share it on my Facebook page!



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