If you’re on social media, you know that memes are huge.  Did you know that they’re really easy to make, too?

I don’t use any fancy or expensive software to edit my photos or make memes.  I use an awesome free online program called PicMonkey.  Yes, it’s as cool as it’s name.  No, I’m not getting paid to tell you that.  I just love all the features that are available, for FREE.  There is also a paid version with a lot more goodies, and I will probably cave soon and purchase it.

So, to make your own memes, first you need an idea, statement, or quote, and an image.  I usually search to find free images online.  Right click and save them to your desk top.

Open PicMonkey.  Choose “Edit a Picture”.  A box should pop up, and click on the image you saved to your desk top.


On the left hand column, there is a letter “P” next to the boxes that say “exposure” and “colors”.  Click on that.

Next, click on “add text” at the top.


A box will open that says “Type your text here”.  Move the box where you want your text to appear.  Click twice on the box to start typing.


After your text is entered, you can double click on the box to highlight the entire text.  Now you can click on the fonts to change it.  You can also use the options in the smaller box (that says “text”) to center the text, change the size, and change the color.


Once you’re done editing, click on “save”.

Now you have a brand spanking new meme that no one else has.  Well, until you share it on FB.  🙂

Want to make more memes?  Check out this tutorial for ways to take your graphics a step further.

Want to share?  I’d love to see your memes.  Post them at Morena’s Corner!


  1. I love PicMonkey. I didn’t know those things were called meme though. Heard the term a thousand times, but didn’t know what it referred to!! I’m So behind the times…


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