This fake poop prank DIY takes minutes to make but it fools people every time!

This April Fool’s Prank is possibly my most disgusting (depending on how you feel about roaches) but most popular. I shared this on my personal Facebook account last year and wound up making a short video after several of my friends asked how I did it. What happened next was amazing…my friends started sharing their videos and pics of their fake poop pranks with me!! I loved it! Many were still at home due to pandemic restrictions, and it made me so happy to know that this silly little gag brought so many laughs.

fake poop prank tutorial

When my sister’s kids came over to play I pranked them, and showed them the video of how I made it. My younger niece and nephew thought it was the most hilarious thing they’d ever seen, and requested to watch the video a few times. A few days later my nephew Marcel sent me a HILARIOUS video of the prank he had pulled. He had made fake poop and placed it on the couch next to some of their cats! Am I the #1 Aunt or what? hahaha! I was definitely tickled to have influenced him to do this. Still not sure how my sister feels about it! 🤣

fake poop prank DIY

You only need two things to make this prank: water and the cardboard tube from a toilet paper roll (how appropriate, no?) One tube will make two little poops. Or one big one. The choice is yours. Check out my short video link above to see how quick and easy it is to make this hilarious prank. And if you do make this, I’d love to see your results! Feel free to tag me @morenascorner on social media so I can see your fake poop prank DIY and share in the laughs!

fake poop DIY


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