Enjoy the game in style with your own cushiony, comfy, custom DIY stadium seat! This is a sponsored post with Fairfield World but all ideas and opinions are my own.

DIY stadium seat

With three kids in soccer and one starting out in band, I spend a ton of time sitting in bleachers or in stadium seats. After a while (and especially in extreme weather!) those seats become pretty uncomfortable. I have a small seat that I used, but even that just wasn’t comfy enough for really long nights at the fields. What’s a mom to do? DIY a solution, of course!

NuFoam cushion for seat

I’ve used NuFoam for outdoor seating cushions, so it was my first choice for this project. The foam is incredibly comfortable to sit on, but won’t get ruined if a game gets rained on. The size is just right for a DIY stadium seat, too! I opted for a soft cuddle fabric from Shannon Fabrics, but you can use flannel or a fabric with your team colors instead to create your own custom look.

stadium seat tutorial

DIY Stadium Seat Supplies

Please watch the brief video tutorial to get the complete instructions:


  • Corrugated plastic cut to 31.5″ by 14/5″
  • Fabric for cushions cut to 20″ wide by 40″ long and folded in half
  • Fabric straps cut to 17″ x 4″

seat cushion

I designed this project for stadium seats, so the cushioning will protect your back and your behind. It can be used on stadium risers, as pictured, but be careful not to put too much weight on the back. It will provide light support and protect your back from the wind and sun, but the plastic is not strong enough to withstand forceful pressure.

Have fun crafting and creating your own cozy cushions for outdoor event seating!


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