Father’s Day is coming up, and it’s always fun to surprise dad with a one of a kind gift.  You can easily make this cool magazine (or mail!) holder with records from Goodwill!

I always see stacks of records at Goodwill.  I still have my record player, so I’m keeping my vinyl, but I wanted to find something to make with the records that were looking for a home.  This magazine holder would make a really unique gift for dad!  And if he doesn’t have magazines, he could stash his mail or other papers in it.

Wax Paper
Large Box
Piece of Wood

Step one:  Place one record on the box as pictured.  I used tape to hold it in place,

Step two:  Cover the record with wax paper.

Step three:  Set your iron to “high”.  Move back and forth across the crease until the vinyl softens and bends.

Repeat this process with the second record.

Step four:  Paint a piece of wood to use as the base.

Step five.  Arrange the records on the wood base.  Drill a hole through the records, then drill in a two screws to hold the records in place.

If you find that some of the wax paper has melted with the vinyl, it can be scrubbed off.  I used a magic eraser.

That’s it!  I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this was to do.  No fancy tools required!  I can’t wait to experiment some more and see what else I can turn my Goodwill records in to.

Here are some of my other Goodwill finds that would make great father’s day gifts:

Find letters to use as photo props, like I did here.

Transfer an image to a wood trivet or plaque, like I did here and here.

Paint and embellish something like this for dad to store his mementos in.

What will you find at Goodwill today?

Disclosure:  I wrote this as an official Goodwill SA blogger.  All ideas, projects, and opinions are my own.



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