One of my favorite ways to use my Silhouette Cameo is to make custom apparel.  I love that I can design any image or expression I can imagine and turn it into something to wear.  One of my first projects was this hilarious baby bib, which has turned into something that I make for every baby shower I’m invited to!  I also like to create shirts for the holidays, like this retro Pepe Le Pew “love stinks” valentine shirt.
"I never dreamed I'd grown up to become a super cute soccer mom, but here I am killing it!" Full tutorial with a free download.
Sports, however, get a lot of attention in my house, and I’ve made many sports themed shirts.  My evolution of football shirt is one of my most downloaded files!  Today I’m finally going to make something for myself.  I think I’ve earned this “super cute soccer mom” shirt, given as much time as I spend on the soccer fields!  Keep reading to learn how to make and download your own file to make this shirt yourself (you could change the text from “soccer” to another sport), and stick around till the very end so you can see seven more awesome fabric ideas from some of my crafty friends.



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