Halloween shadowbox DIY

I just love to craft for Halloween!  Even though it’s September I’m already buying Halloween items.  I purchased several small items from Dollar Tree and used them to create a spooky shadow box decor in my home.  Instead of pricey shadow boxes, I used $1 picture frames to make my own collage boxes.

My kids are fascinated by this spooky wall art gallery.  They like to look at it and talk about it.  As the seasons change, I can easily swap out the paper backing and insert something seasonal:  fall leaves, mini gourds, Christmas ornaments, etc.  These DIY shadowboxes would be a fun way to display kid’s artwork, too!

Supplies to make ONE shadow box

  • Frames (2)
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Halloween item

Step one:  Remove the glass and backing from the frames.  If you are NOT adding the glass back in to the frame, then glue two frames together with a strong adhesive like E-6000.

Step two:  Place scrapbook paper on the backing for one of the frames, and hot glue the spooky Halloween item (ie. the skeleton hand or the spider) onto the paper.

Step three:  Place the decorated cardboard or wood backing of the frame in place.

If you plan to leave the glass on the top frame, you will need to add it back before you glue the frames together.  With the large spider spooky wall art, I added a magnifying sheet in place of the glass.  I found the magnifying sheet in the school/office supply section at Dollar Tree, and trimmed it to fit the frame.  This makes the enclosed object look even creepier!

Have fun crafting and creating spooky shadow box decor for Halloween! For more inexpensive DIY Halloween decor and costumes, check out my other tutorials HERE.



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