Customize these personalized school labels to make back to school prep a breeze! This is a sponsored post with but all ideas and opinions are my own.

custom school labels

It’s hard to believe it’s the last weekend before my kids head back to school! If you’re like me, the last days of summer vacation are spent frantically making sure the kids have everything they need to head back to class. With four kids and three in school, I need to find all the ways I can to simplify getting ready to head back to school. One shortcut I am using this year are personalized school labels that I print at home. These DIY stickers make labeling alllllll the school supplies a breeze!

back to school labels

I can print the sheets, hand them to each individual child, and let them label all their school supplies on their own. These DIY labels are especially useful when you have little ones who can’t write yet, or who you aren’t ready to trust with permanent markers yet!

school label template

Personalized School Labels Project Supplies

personalized school labels

Head over to the template I created at the site. Their label designer is a very easy tool to use, and all you have to do is insert your child’s name in the template, and the printable will be formatted for you. Download and save the file so you can print it at home. If you don’t have a printer, can print it on the labels for you and mail them right to you!

These personalized labels have saved me so much time this week! I hope you find them helpful and useful, too! Have fun crafting and creating at home as you prepare to send the kids back to school.


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