Use Ultra Metallic FX glitter to create a cute first birthday frame DIY to decorate for Mr. Onederful’s big occasion! This is a sponsored post but all ideas and opinions are my own.

first birthday frame DIY

My youngest nephew is turning one and I thought it would be fun to commemorate this big day with an adorable frame that captures all the sweetness and fun that comes with being ONE.

Onederful birthday frame

I was able to create a beautiful no mess glitter effect by using Ultra Metallic FX vinyl by StyleTech Craft. I used four different finishes: white, silver, gold, and blue.

supplies for birthday frame

First Birthday Frame DIY Supplies


transfer glitter vinyl

Start out by cutting and weeding the vinyl. Glitter vinyl is a little harder to cut than glossy vinyl, so be sure to test out your machine to find the right settings. I had to set my Silhouette Cameo blade to “6” to get a complete cut.

me onederful

I traced the mat that came with the frame onto the back of the white vinyl, and cut that by hand. This gave the mat a slight glittery shine.

first birthday frame DIY Mr Onederful

After I put the photo in the frame and reassembled it, I transferred the crown and the lettering onto the glass. After that I randomly placed the various sized polka dots around the frame. I love how the glittery dots transform the plain white frame and make it look like a party!

DIY first birthday frame

The glitter vinyl looks amazing! It looks solid at some angles, and more see through at other angles. I just love the color and finish, and can’t wait to make a lot more custom frames with it. Have fun crafting and creating for the special birthdays in your life!

styletechcraft best vinyl for crafters



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