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mummy bat DIY halloween specimen decor
I have a small but growing collection of faux skeletons. Anytime I find them at the dollar store or other shops I just have to buy one! I like to line my shelves and mantles with them, along with a few spooky bottles and other knick-knacks. This year I decided to add specimen tags to them! It adds a fun detail to them, and they look great displayed in shadow boxes and cloches.
halloween tags

Halloween Specimen Decor Supplies Halloween labels
Download and save the free printable from the site. Print them at 100% on the corresponding paper.
This card stock is sturdy, easy to print on, and pre-perforated. All you have to do is fold back and forth on the dotted line and the pieces separate easily without tearing.
halloween specimen decor tag
Use twine to tie the specimen tags onto various skeletons, and display them. These are really cute on a mantle or shelf!
PS. All the templates are customizable, so you can change the numbers to create more tags!
I used a thrifted shadow box for the larger specimen. This box was bright gold, so I painted over it and distressed it with a brown stain, to give it an aged appearance.
I used a dollar store bat and transformed it to give it a mummified appearance. (These bags will be listed in my Etsy shop soon.)
Hot glue your specimen in the shadow box.
oddities label
With the specimen label, use a fine point marker to add text to it. Make up a date and name for whatever your creature is! Use a few dots of hot glue to affix the label to the inside of a shadow box.
mummified bat DIY halloween specimen decor
These labels and tags give store bought skeletons a level of authenticity! Have fun crafting and creating creepy Halloween decor!



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