Make your own Halloween car vinyl to create spooky fun decor this fall! This is a sponsored post with StyleTech Craft Vinyl.

diy Halloween vinyl on car

When I bought my mom van several years ago, I had no idea how popular and common this color was. You know how I love to be different, so blending in with this car was just not me. I’ve been using vinyl to differentiate my car for years. I create my own vinyl stickers (like these Pac Man family stickers) and change them often. Crafting my own stickers with StyleTech Craft vinyl is a way I can express myself and hopefully make others smile when they are stuck behind me in the school pickup line!

spooky halloween car vinyl

Since I love Halloween, I decided to decorate my car with a spooky theme. I scraped off all my stickers and started fresh with a Halloween theme. Here’s how I did it.

halloween vinyl on car

Halloween Car Vinyl Supplies

weed luster vinyl

Choose and resize images from the design store. Cut them from various colors that you like. I tried to stick with Halloween colors: orange, purple, etc. Weed the vinyl.

cut vinyl and weed

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Luster vinyl is one of my absolute favorites. The shimmer and colors are stunning and unlike any other vinyl I’ve ever seen before. It’s my favorite choice to use for my DIY car decals.

add transfer tape

Use transfer tape to lift the cut vinyl off the backing. It’s important to use the right tools so you don’t end up with a bunch of bubbles in your vinyl stickers!

transfer vinyl to car

Transfer the stickers to your cleaned car window. Again, the right tools keep unsightly bubbles and wrinkles off your work!

zombie family vinyl

I had so much fun decorating the back window that I decided to start decorating the sides!

zombie hands vinyl

My kids love it! Have fun crafting and creating for Halloween!

make halloween scene car vinyl

styletechcraft best vinyl for crafters


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