Make a LOVE window sign using transparent glitter vinyl from StyleTechCraft. This is a sponsored post.

LOVE Window Sign Decor DIY for Valentine's Day

This LOVE window sign is such a fun piece for decorating with. I used transparent glitter vinyl from StyleTechCraft to make sure that the letters and hearts really shine. I just love the sweet shimmer this piece has! I’ve included the cut file I used to make this project so you can make one, too. Enjoy!

Supplies Used to make the LOVE Window Sign:

LOVE Window Sign Decor DIY for Valentine's Day

Download my free cut file. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the vinyl. Cut the background from the light pink transparent glitter vinyl. Cut the letters from the red transparent glitter vinyl.

Weed the vinyl. It really helps to have a weeding tool with the small heart background.

Use the transfer tape (I used a very clear tape from StyleTechCraft so I could see clearly) to lift a letter from the paper backing.

Match the letter as closely as possible to the cut out space on the pink background. Press the transfer tape onto the pink heart background and rub on the transfer tape to “grab” all the tiny hearts. Carefully lift the background and letter up.

LOVE Window Sign Decor DIY for Valentine's Day

LOVE Window Sign Decor DIY for Valentine's Day

Press the vinyl onto the clean glass. Carefully remove the transfer tape. Repeat this process with all four letters.

LOVE Window Sign Decor DIY for Valentine's Day

Paint the frame white. When the frame is dry you can replace the glass.

LOVE Window Sign Decor DIY for Valentine's Day

The wood window has hangers, making this Valentine decor piece easy to display. It would look cute on a mantle or as part of a decorative vignette on a shelf in your home. Have fun crafting and creating Valentine decor with vinyl!

Trim the vellum around the vinyl to make the lampshade. Tape the edges of the vellum lampshade together using bits of the clear transfer tape. The transfer tape is so sheer you can’t even see it! Pop the groovy lampshades on the glasses and drop a battery operated tea light inside. When it's time to toast the new year guests can just remove the lampshades and lights.
This project is a collaboration with StyleTechCraft, where I am a Design Team member.



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