I love Fourth of July parades!  It’s so exciting to watch a procession of cars and bands while waving American flags.  I thought it would be fun to add something to wave with the flag, so I made these patriotic party wands.    This is a quick, easy project that would be fun to make with kids.
This post first appeared at Crafts Unleashed, where I am a member of the design team.


Supplies Needed:
Styrofoam Stars
Dowel Rods
Crafter’s Paint
Glitter Tape
Mod Podge
Metallic ribbon
Hercules Tape

Step one:  Paint the stars.  I gently skewered them onto dowel rods so I could paint and dry them easily.


Step two:  To reduce glitter “shedding” I do something very simple:  mix the glitter with Mod Podge.  I use about two parts glitter to one part Mod Podge, but you can mix it the way you like depending on how much sparkle you want.  Paint your Mod Podge/glitter mixture onto the star.


Step three:  While the stars dry, wrap dowel rods with the glitter tape.


Step four:  Cut a piece of Hercules tape to wrap around one end of the dowel rod.  Attach strings of metallic ribbon to the tape.


Step five:  Glue the star onto the end of the dowel rod.


Your little shooting stars are ready for a patriotic parade or party!  They would make great party decor, or even a fun cake topper, too.  Happy Independence Day!



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