I’m on a “kawaii” kick this week!  The first word I learned when I lived in Japan was “kawaii”.  It means “cute”.  On Monday, I showed you how to make a decoden mason jar.  Now I have another Japanese inspired craft.

My admiration for this fun style lead to this idea:  a musical felt cupcake!  This felt gift is easy to make, and when you push down on the candle, it plays “Happy Birthday”.  This would be a cute way to top a birthday present, or maybe leave on someone’s desk for a sweet birthday surprise.

(This post first appeared at Crafts Unleashed, where I am on the design team.)
  • Felt
  • Needle and thread
  • Fabric Glue
  • Music Button – Happy Birthday
  • Ribbon and/or ric rac
  • Hercules tape
  • Bean Bag Fill

Step one:  Cut the felt out according to the pattern (found here).    Also cut a rectangle of white felt and a yellow flame (I did these freestyle).  Put glue on the rectangle, add the flame, and roll it to make a candle.
Step two:  Glue ric rac and ribbon onto the felt.
Step three:  Turn the pieces inside out, with the candle sandwiched upside down between them.  Pin the edges.  Sew around the edge, trim off excess, and flip inside out.  Sew the cupcake base.
Step four:  Make the face by cutting and gluing felt pieces on.
Step five:  Put tape around the music button and insert it near the “candle” base.  Pour filler into the top, pin the bottom, and use a gathered stitch to close the top.
Step six:  Pour filler into the base, pin the top on it, and stitch the two pieces together.
Isn’t this little cupcake kawaii?  To hear it’s song, simply push down on the candle.  You can see how it works in this short video clip:

This musical felt cupcake can be personalized in so many ways, and with so many different faces.  Have fun crafting and creating!


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