It’s no secret that I love April Fool’s Day pranks.  You can see my past pranks here.  This year I kept it really simple, yet terrifying.  It took everything I had not to bust out laughing as I watched my kids attempt to figure out what to do with whatever was under the bowl.

This project is as simple as it looks:  put a giant bowl on the floor and tape a hand written note on top.  Then wait for your victim to enter the room.

My kids’ reactions all varied.  First there was a lot of circling the bowl and trying to assess the threat for several minutes.  Then they acted.  The three year old (who can’t read) just lifted the bowl.  My five year old wanted nothing to do with it, and hid behind furniture while my ten year old appeared with a freaking steak knife, of all things, to deal with whatever was under there.  My twelve year old surprised me by attempting to slide a piece of paper under the bowl so he could safely carry the whole thing outside and dispose of it.  Needless to say, I was the only one laughing when they discovered there was just air under the bowl.

Try it.  You’ll like it.  And then tell me about it, please!



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