Make a nutcracker wreath DIY, complete with King Mouse! This holiday decor is a dollar store craft.

I found a bag of cute little mice at Goodwill some time ago, and I’ve been looking for ways to use them in my crafting. I found some cute nutcrackers at Dollar Tree, and that was the inspiration I needed. I used several items from Dollar Tree to make these cute wreaths. Here are two ways to make the nutcracker wreath DIY along with a quick lighted Santa wreath DIY.

nutcracker wreath DIY

Supplies Used for the Nutcracker Wreath DIY:

  • Candy Cane Shaped Wreath Form
  • Red and white striped tinsel
  • Nutcracker
  • Mouse
  • Gold Glitter Tape
  • Glue Gun

For the first wreath I used a candy cane shaped wreath form and red/white tinsel. I got all these items from Dollar Tree. Hot glue the tinsel to the base of the wreath form.

Start wrapping the wreath form with the tinsel. Add dots of hot glue on the sides from time to time. This will keep the tinsel from slipping and sliding off the metal wreath form over time. Wrap the entire form, and hot glue the ends in place.

Hot glue the nutcracker onto the wreath. I also found this at Dollar Tree.

Make a little crown using gold glitter tape. I folded the tape in half, then cut triangles out of it. Hot glue the crown onto the mouse, and glue the mouse onto the wreath.

nutcracker and king mouse wreath

When I went back to Dollar Tree to buy another candy cane wreath form I found the pre-made wreaths. That’s what I used to make the second wreath. This one took less than ten minutes because all I had to do was glue the pieces onto the wreath.

Supplies Used for the Dollar Store Wreath:

  • 14″ Wreath
  • Wood Sign
  • Light up necklace
  • Artificial Poinsettias
  • Plastic Candy Canes
  • Premade bow
  • Hot Glue Gun

dollar store wreath diy

Everything used for this project came from Dollar Tree. First I glued the wood sign onto the wreath form. Then I glued the tinsel around it.

Wrap the necklace around the wreath. Use the branches to hold it in place.

Hot glue the flowers, bow, and candy canes in place.

You don’t have to go broke to make cute wreaths for Christmas! The supplies I found at the dollar store made it easy to quickly create budget friendly wreaths. This would make for a great group activity since the items are low cost. Have fun crafting and creating for the holidays!


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