Make Mod Podge Ultra Lace Crowns to create adorable accessories.

These lace crowns make adorable hair clips or regal costume accessories. You can use them for decor or even as DIY party favors for a royal princess party. Plaid Crafts has a brand new product called Mod Podge Ultra. I was extremely lucky to get a preview of the new product and play around with it before it hits the shelves. Mod Podge Ultra is a spray-on version of Mod Podge. It comes in a bottle with a spray top. You can spray the product on or paint it on.
Mod Podge Ultra Lace crown
One of the things I like most about the product is that it dries very quickly. I was amazed at how fast all my projects dried. The stiffness of the lace was perfect for crowns because it was pliable enough to curve into the crown shape but stiff enough that the crown will not wilt. I also like that the product dries cleanly and there is no tack to it at all when it dries. Whether you are making one or dozens of crowns, these Mod Podge Ultra Lace crowns are the easiest, least messy way to do it.
Supplies Used to make Mod Podge Ultra Lace Crowns: (affiliate links included)
Enjoy my short video above to learn how to make these crowns. The vibrant colors are courtesy of Ultra Dye, a paintable dye-like product from Plaid that is great on fabric. For more crown making fun, see my tutorial for how to Glitter your crowns in a way that they won’t shed all over your prince and princesses. Have fun crafting and creating with the new Mod Podge Ultra spray!
Mod Podge Ultra Lace crown


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