Make wood spool Christmas decor to brighten your home with! This is a sponsored post.

Wood Spool Christmas Decor Tutorial

In my continuing obsession with all things miniature, here’s a cute Christmas craft made with teeny tiny things. With glitter! I used adorable minis that I’ve been hoarding collecting from Goodwill San Antonio with cute wood spools that were sent to me by Woodpeckers Crafts to make this quick Christmas decor project.

Wood Spool Christmas Decor Tutorial

Supplies Used to Make Wood Spool Christmas Decor:

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Paint the wood spools white and let them dry.

Trim patterned paper to fit the spools. Roll the paper through the Xyron Sticker Maker and attach the paper to the spool.

Wood Spool Christmas Decor Tutorial

Choose your minis and trees, then hot glue them on top of the spools. I find bags of bottle brush trees and assorted miniatures at Goodwill all year long and collect them for projects like this.

Paint the entire piece with Mega Glitter Mod Podge. Be generous with it, especially on the trees and ground, so it will look like piles of freshly fallen snow.

Sprinkle the glitter over the entire piece. I bought the bottle of glitter years ago and it is my absolute favorite glitter to use for holiday projects. It adds such a pretty shimmer to Christmas, winter, and Valentine projects.

Wood Spool Christmas Decor Tutorial

When the wood spool Christmas decor has dried, turn it over and shake it gently to remove the excess glitter. Then you can display your beautiful, shimmery decor as you like! They look really cute on window sills and ledges, but you could also use them as place settings. If you like, glue a loop on top to turn them into fun ornaments. Have fun crafting and creating glittery Christmas decor!

This zippy, glittery project is part of this month’s Craft Lightning series.



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