Make a creepy baby to decorate with.

Creepy Baby Jack Jack: Happy Meal Toy Makeover

This project is mostly an experiment, but the results were so good that I thought I’d share. I’ve seen several artists turn baby dolls into creepy baby dolls for Halloween, and I wanted to see if I could create a similar effect using products I have.

My kids had a bunch of these Jack Jack plastic toys lying around. They came from McDonad’s as Happy Meal prizes. I thought they’d be perfect for experimenting on, thanks to their small size and mischevious faces.

Supplies Used to Make Creepy Baby Jack Jack:

  • Small Plastic Dolls
  • DecoArt Media Matte Medium
  • DecoArt Media Crackle Paste
  • Paint
  • Sponges

Creepy Baby Jack Jack: Happy Meal Toy Makeover

The key to making sure the crackle finish will stay on the smooth plastic, I learned, is to start with the matte medium. This product helps your paste and paints stick to the surface really well. I experimented by not putting any matte medium on part of the base of the toy. The crackle paste all flaked off after it was dry and I tried to paint it. The rest of the toy, as you’ll see, kept the paste on and it stuck really well. So, paint on a layer of the matte medium and let it dry.

Brush the crackle paste over the entire toy. The thicker the paste, the deeper the cracks will be. Be generous with this medium. Let it dry completely.

Sponge a gray paint over the toys and then wipe the paint off with a soft towel. The paint will settle in the cracks and deepen their appearance.

Creepy Baby Jack Jack: Happy Meal Toy Makeover

Use a sponge to add black paint to the eyes.

Creepy Baby Jack Jack: Happy Meal Toy Makeover

Use a fine tipped paint brush to add details as desired to the toys.

Creepy Baby Jack Jack: Happy Meal Toy Makeover

Pretty creepy, isn’t it? I probably should finish these with a finishing spray or another layer of matte medium, but the crackle hasn’t chipped off yet, even with lots of handling. I’m excited to play around with these products more and make bigger, spookier dolls for next Halloween!


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