This blood remover sticker is a free printable project inspired by the FX television show What We Do in the Shadows.

guillermo what we do in the shadows

My latest obsession is the FX television show called What We Do in the Shadows. Based on the hit movie, the show is a mockumentary. Imagine if The Office or Spinal Tap were about vampires. That’s kind of what this is. The show is entirely irreverent and unique, and it just makes me laugh really hard.

free printable for vampire familiarts

On last week’s episode, one of the characters showed off his DIY side. Guillermo is a “familiar”, or the servant of a vampire. He shares one of his hacks for removing blood stains from his master’s clothing. He combined several bleach pens into a larger tube that he has labeled:

vampire show costume printable

I thought this idea was hilarious, so I made my own label. I’m sharing the free printable so you can make your own blood remover sticker, too!

Supplies Used for the Blood Remover Sticker Project

This is so simple. First just download and save my printable. Remember this is for personal use only and not to be sold or labeled as your own!

Print it on the sticker paper. I’ve formatted the free printable so it will print perfectly on the sticker paper. Just make sure to set it to print at 100%.

blood remover what we do in the shadows

Peel the sticker off your deodorant bottle. Mine peeled off easily in one piece. Take one of the printed labels and stick it on your deodorant bottle. That’s it!

inspired by what we do in the shadows

I went through the house and added these blood remover stickers to everyone’s deodorant bottles. There have been lots of laughs as everyone notices the label for the first time. 😂 I was so excited to see a DIY idea on my favorite TV show, and I can’t wait to see what inspiration the next episode will bring! Have fun crafting and creating!


  1. I love your site, which is why I subscribed.
    1. It takes a really looong time for your site to open
    2. You have so many ads popping up that it is hard to read your information.

    • Thank you for letting me know, and I apologize for that. I am turning off ads until I can make changes with my ad provider. I hope your next visit is more pleasant!

  2. Funny story passed down from aunts in my family going way back. Fresh saliva removed fresh blood out of fabric very well. I thought it was a bit nutty to spit on clothes but wow it really works. Lol then 15 years later I discover putting peroxide on fresh blood also works. Hope that helps. 🙂

  3. Hey i couldn’t get you to mock it up on an ol525 would you…thats what we use on our products and id love to put these on things around my house. This is super gute and funny. 🤣🤣

    • Haha thanks, I’m glad you like it! How about if I email you the single image file and then you can fit it in your template?


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