This patriotic centerpiece DIY is made using recyclables and Oly-Fun fabric.

Like many of you, being cooped up at home has made me be more resourceful. I’ve been going through my craft stash as well as my recycle bin to find things to be creative with. I forgot how much fun it was to challenge myself to craft with recyclables!

turn recyclables into patriotic centerpiece

For the Fourth of July I wanted to create a centerpiece that reminded me of fireworks. Instead of flowers I wanted bright bursts of stars, like rockets shooting in the sky. I used a variety of round containers, like chip and aluminum cans, to create the containers for the this patriotic centerpiece DIY. To make the project outdoor friendly, I used Oly-Fun fabric instead of paper. This way no matter what happens, the centerpiece will last throughout the festivities!

patriotic centerpiece supplies

Supplies Used to make this Patriotic Centerpiece DIY

I made this project as a Master Maker for Fairfield World, the makers of Oly-Fun fabric. You can learn more about Oly-Fun fabric on their site.

fourth of july centerpiece

My complete tutorial is in the video. Watch and learn how easy it is to turn your former trash into a patriotic piece of decor! Here’s a brief summary of the tutorial shown in the video:

  1. Wrap the containers with Oly-Fun fabric and hot glue the ends down.
  2. Cut stars and stripes from the Oly-Fun fabric.
  3. Use Mod Podge to add the stars and stripes to the containers.
  4. Cut stars and fringe from the metallic Oly-Fun fabric.
  5. Glue the fringe and stars onto the skewers.

The pennant banner was also made with Oly-Fun, and you can find that tutorial here. Have fun crafting and creating your own Fourth of July decor!

DIY fourth of july decor


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