This old chair fix is a quick way  to give worn out furniture a fresh, new look. This is a sponsored post with Fairfield World.

You might remember this pink chair from the time I gave it a new look by adding vinyl to it. The seat of the chair kept sagging more and more as my kids sat in it, and it was time to toss it or fix it.

old chair needs fixing

I decided to extend the use a little while longer with this simple old chair fix. I made a cushion to place on top of the saggy seat, to fill in the gap. By using Fairfield World’s Poly-Fill stuffing instead of foam, I can concentrate most of the filler in the center of the cushion, where the seat is sinking. Now the seat is comfy again, and no one feels like they are sinking when they sit in it.

update and old chair fix

I gave this old chair fix one more update: a cute footrest! The tuffet kit from Fairfield World makes it a breeze to craft your own tuffet or foot stool. The kit comes with the foam, batting, and a wood base. Everything has been precut and fits together perfectly, so all you have to do is choose a fabric and cover the foam. It’s not as hard as you think! Check out my video to see how I fold the corners and staple everything to the base. I even added small wood blocks so the tuffet could “float” off the ground!

This simple old chair fix makes a pretty big difference, don’t you think so? Be sure to watch my video tutorial to get all the details. I’m going to set it on my covered back patio so I have a cozy chair to relax in while I sit outside and maybe read a book or listen to the birds sing. Have fun crafting and creating while you are staying home!


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