Put vinyl on painted rocks to create something unique and eye catching. Hide them to spread smiles and cheer to your neighborhood. This is a sponsored post.

opal vinyl on painted rocks

During quarantine, some people in my little town started a rock painting project. The idea was to paint and place colorful, cheerful rocks in places where people would find them when they go for walks. It was a fun way to maintain spirits and a sense of community when we couldn’t be face to face.

painted rocks with opal vinyl

I decided to use opal vinyl from StyleTechCraft for my painted rocks. I adore this vinyl…I use it for my vinyl car decals…because the color changing aspects of this vinyl is just stunning. As you can see from the photos, the color changes slightly depending on which angle you are looking at it from. You have to try it to see it for yourself!

opal vinyl to decorate painted rocks

Supplies Used for this Vinyl on Painted Rocks Tutorial

First paint the rocks white. This helps the image really “pop”. I used Patio Paint by DecoArt because it is made for outdoor surfaces. When the rocks were dry I sealed them with a glossy varnish, also from DecoArt. The varnish gives the rocks a shiny surface that the vinyl can adhere to.

how to weed opal vinyl

Cut your desired designs from the vinyl and weed the designs. I decided to use decorative birds.

tape transfer on opal vinyl

Use transfer tape to lift the vinyl off the paper backing.

transfer opal vinyl

Place the design on the rock (a flat rock works best for this project) and rub over the design.

how to put vinyl on rocks

Easily remove the transfer tape and enjoy your beautiful painted rock with vinyl!

rocks decorated with vinyl

I can’t wait for someone to find these cheery, eye catching rocks. Maybe they will rehide it for someone else to enjoy!




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