This birdhouse wreath tutorial is a simple and sweet project to make for yourself or as a gift.

make a wreath using birdhouses

I’ve made quite a few wreaths, and this is one of my favorites. I just dusted it off to hang on my front door again! This easy to follow birdhouse wreath tutorial will help you make a cheery spring wreath. It’s so simple that you can make one to keep and one to gift!

use birdhouses to make a wreath

Supplies Used for this Birdhouse Wreath Tutorial

painted birdhouses for wreath

Paint the birdhouses. Choose a color palette that matches your decor or your personal style.  I chose six different colors in the blue-green-yellow family so that they would complement each other.

picket fence for spring wreath

Paint the picket fence shapes with an off white paint color.

arrange birdhouses to make spring wreath

Set a plate on your work surface to help you arrange the birdhouses in a circle. I used a 7-inch plate for these small birdhouses. Place the bird houses face down on your work surface and arrange them into a circular shape around the plate. Make sure you mix up the colors well.

assemble birdhouse wreath

Arrange the mini wood picket fences between each of the houses.  This will help connect them to each other.  See the picture for help positioning the picket fences. Then use a staple gun to attach the fences to each other and to the bird houses.  Use lots of staples to keep everything firmly held together.

spring wreath made with birdhouses

Use the staple gun again to attach the jute roping with flowers behind the wreath.

birdhouse wreath tutorial

This is a fun alternative to a floral wreath, don’t you think? I used a wreath hanger to display my wreath on my front door.  You can always add little birds or butterflies to the houses if you want to. Have fun crafting and creating with this birdhouse wreath tutorial!

This project originally appeared on the Darice blog when I was a design team member.


  1. When you click the link for the bird houses it shows a pack of 6 houses one of each design. Your wreath is all the same did you buy 8 packages to get all the same? Which I know Darise probably sent them to you,, but come on that is expensive for the rest of us!@


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