I was at a flea market last year, and one of my favorite vendors had a bowl full of watch parts.  I chose several pieces, not sure what I would do with them.  They’ve been in my craft room for a while, as I waited for inspiration to strike.  I’m tickled with how this first piece turned out:  it’s an elegant monogrammed pendant, made from a watch face!



I decided to try a new crafting product with this project.  I was contacted by Nine Lives Products with an offer to try out their new glue line.  I was intrigued by their product:  it’s made from recycled styrofoam and all natural ingredients.
My regular readers know that I’m a budget crafter.  I LOVE to repurpose and recycle unwanted items.  Why trash it if you can reuse it?  So I immediately loved the idea of using a glue that was produced by recycling a product that is a real environmental nuisance.  I’ll admit that I was skeptical, but hopeful that I would like it.  Well, I love it.  Honestly.  It has a pleasant odor (citrus) and no headache inducing fumes.  Most importantly, it works.  I especially love the glossy resin-like finish I was able to achieve here.
Watch face
Grunge board or chipboard
Patterned paper
Alphabet rub on or sticker
Jewelry Wire

Step one:  Cut the grunge board and paper to fit in the watch face.  Add the alphabet rub on to the patterned paper, and use the Glu6 Craft Paste to adhere the paper to the grunge board.  Let it dry.

Step two:  Press the grunge board into the watch face.  Use Glu6 Original to glue the back of the watch face on.

Step three:  Glue the rhinestones in place using Glu6 Original.  Fill in the rest of the face with the same glue.

**Side note:  Glu6 Original is for non-porous surfaces.  You should seal the paper with the craft paste first, just like you’d do with resin.  I will admit that I did NOT seal my paper, and their was no staining or smearing (whew!)


Step four:  Cut a piece of jewelry wire and glue it in place with Glu6 Original.

Glu6 Original dries to a beautiful glass-like finish.  It’s like resin without the mess of mixing!  I tried pulling on the rhinestones and scratching at the surface, and it still looks perfect.  The insert that came with the product says it is waterproof when dry.  I plan to start using Glu6 to seal my jewelry projects in the future!
To learn more about Nine Lives Products and Glu6, please visit:
Nine Lives Products homepage:

Glu6 Original:

Glu6 Craft Paste:

Also, to show their appreciation, Nine Lives Products has created a “Glu6 Special” promotion for my readers through their website (  Until October 31st, my readers can use discount code “Fall2013” at checkout to instantly save 25% off your order!


Disclosure:  I received this product to review.  All ideas, projects, and opinions are 100% my own.



  1. I love this. I have a HUGE box of watch parts that I bought to make a watch bracelet. I have my bracelet and tons left over. This is a great idea. 🙂


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