This Nacho Libre Costume DIY makes a fun family costume when paired with luchadores.

Nacho Libre costume DIY with luchador
“Get that corn outta my face!”
If you’ve seen the movie “Nacho Libre” then you might be giggling right now.  If not, then you might think I’m a bit odd.  Either way, if you’re looking for an easy DIY costume, you’ve come to the right post.
Nacho Libre costume DIY

We like the movie “Nacho Libre”.  We named the dog Nacho.  So when it came to Halloween, we though it would be hilarious to dress our one year old up as Nacho Libre, and we’d accompany him as luchadores. This Nacho Libre costume DIY is very easy to make when you repurpose other items to make it all come together.

DIY Nacho Libre costume
Que chulo!

My son’s Nacho Libre costume DIY was easy to throw together.  The red suit with cape was actually my daughter’s Wonder Woman costume (you can see it pictured in our grumpy old couple costume photo).  I just cut the skirt off.  I paired it with some blue pajama pants that I ironed red patches onto.  The finishing touch was the moustache, of course!

For our luchador costumes, we headed to downtown San Antonio to find the masks.  If you don’t live in an area where you can find luchador masks, there are plenty for sale online.  There are even a few tutorials on how to make your own.
We improvised our costumes by pairing workout clothes with random pieces.  My husband’s cape is an old graduation gown.  Mine is just a piece of fabric.  Large belts and boots finished the look.

We had a blast taking our little Nacho Libre, SuperGirl, Ninja, and Jester trick or treating.

Halloween 2013 costume making is underway…more details soon.  🙂

For more DIY Halloween costume ideas for families and couple, check out this post.




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