I’m in the process of creating a fun picnic area in my backyard, and I’m making everything myself using salvaged items.  I found two heavily damaged chairs that were headed to the dumpster, so I dragged them home and got to work turning them into stools.  DecoArt’s Chalky Finish Paint helped me achieve the look I wanted, and even worked perfectly for stenciling.  Lucky for me, the paint is very low odor, so I was able to do all my painting indoors during this cold, wet winter.


I’m absolutely thrilled with how my chairs turned out!  Read on to learn how incredibly easy it is to transform something old into something new quickly and easily with Chalky Finish Paint.

Supplies Used:

  • Chairs (salvaged on trash day!)
  • DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint:  Escape and Carbon
  • Americana Mixed Media Stencil:  Retro Mod

Step one:  Remove the backs from the chairs.  Most of the spindles on the back of this chair were missing, so it was fairly easy to do.  Fill any holes with wood fill and sand.

Step two:  Paint the chair with Chalky Finish Paint.  That’s right, just start painting.  I didn’t have to sand, prime, or do anything else to the chair.  I just wiped it down to get dirt and dust off, then I started painting.  This is what it looks like with one still wet application:


Here is what the blue finish looks like after two applications of the paint:


If you’re not familiar with chalky finish paint, this may help you see the difference.  On the right you can see the original glossy black finish that was on the chair.  On the left you can see the chalky finish after just one application of paint.


Step three:  Stencil the surface of the stool.  I used a repositionable adhesive with my stencil, and repeated the pattern until the stool was covered.


It only took one light application of the black paint to achieve this finish.


My new stools go perfectly with my door table, which was also painted with DecoArt products.


Since this will be heading outside in the spring, I’ll seal the paint to protect the finish.  I absolutely love the chalky finish, and it gives the stools an aged vibe that match with the distressed table.  As soon as I find a few more chairs I’ll be doing some more painting with DecoArt’s Chalky Finish Paint!



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