This has been one of our favorite couples costume to date:  grumpy senior citizens!

My husband and I LOVE to dress up for Halloween, but we almost always throw our costumes  together at the last minute.  This one was no exception, and it turned out really well, plus we got a lot of laughs.


We hit several thrift stores to find our attire.  That dress of mine was a steal at $3!  I used bubble wrap to pad my chest and butt, threw some curlers in my hair, and applied my lipstick with my eyes closed.

I love how my husband left his fly open and pulled his shirt through.  Hilarious!  He put powder in his hair to make it look silver.

That’s it!  Fast, frugal, and fabulous!  It’s so easy to craft an inexpensive costume when you use imagination and a little creativity.  I hope I’ve inspired you to create something this Halloween!

For more fun costume ideas, see this post.




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