Halloween Goodwill hunting…start early to find the best selection and prices. This is a sponsored post.

I really should have written this post over the summer, but it’s not too late yet. Hurry to your Goodwill store to grab Halloween stuff before others get there! I start my Halloween shopping in the summer because that’s when I find the coolest stuff. People are moving and cleaning out in the summer, and they donate their stuff to Goodwill. Here are some of the awesome things I found, most of it brand new, during my Halloween Goodwill hunting so far.

Halloween Goodwill Hunting: Costumes and More

I call this my “Modern Medusa” costume. (The idea was inspired by this statue by Luciano Garbati.)Everything in this picture, from head to toe, was purchased at Goodwill San Antonio over the summer. I call the pants my “Beetlejuice” pants, and I love the doily skull tank top. The scary clown mask was such a steal at just $4.99 (and will be turned into a wreath soon). The sword was just 99 cents, and will be part of my Iron Throne project (coming soon). The fun Halloween top hat headband was brand new with tags. Even the shoes are from Goodwill, and I painted them.

I love these tights I found this summer. They were in a grab bag packed with brand new, never used Halloween items, including skeleton hands and black bead necklaces.This witch hat was brand new with tags! It will be perfect for wreath making or decorating.

I’m really excited about this Thing 1 costume! It was the color of the week so I only paid $3 for the entire set! There was also a Grinch costume and I kind of regret not buying that.

This witch hat was brand new with tags! It will be perfect for wreath making or decorating.

Right now Goodwill stores are filling up with brand new and gently used Halloween items. What will you find when you go Halloween Goodwill hunting?


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