Give your porch a Game of Thrones Halloween inspired makeover. This is a sponsored post.

Game of Thrones Halloween Porch DecorHalloween is my favorite holiday to craft and decorate for. We have a big front patio with a huge tower entrance that is fun to transform into a spooky, creepy space for trick or treaters to enter. Since we are usually out trick or treating ourselves, I leave candy out for kids to help themselves to.

Game of Thrones Halloween Porch Decor

Like many others, I eagerly watched the final season of Game of Thrones this year. When I saw the dragon skeleton at Oriental Trading Company (OTC) I immediately knew what I wanted to do for Halloween this year:  a Game of Thrones Halloween porch!

iron throne

I started out making the Iron Throne for dead Daenerys (sob!) to sit in. First I spray painted cardboard swords from OTC black and silver. I used wire to attach those swords to a chair. Then I added several plastic swords, also from OTC. Add a bunch of cobwebs and you have a throne fit for a dead queen.

Game of Thrones Halloween Porch Decor

A life size skeleton is transformed by adding a robe and a wig. Dead Dany is ready to sit on her Iron Throne. She is sitting, waiting for trick or treaters to stop by. Her attentive dragon skeleton lurks over her shoulder, ready to protect her and to guard the throne (and candy?)

Game of Thrones Halloween Porch Decor Game of Thrones Halloween Porch Decor

I finished off the display with lots of webs and a huge, beautiful golden skull candy bowl. This is exactly what a dead queen would have, don’t you think so? The skull is filled with a bunch of gummy insects because that seems like something the dead would have in abundance. I also threw in a few eyeballs to up the spooky factor another notch.

GOT spooky decor

Everything you see pictured here came from Oriental Trading Company! You can find the skeletons and more in their online Halloween store. Get FREE SHIPPING on Friday the 13th of September using this code: SQUAD19

Mother of Dragon

I have to admit, I like this dragon so much that I’ll be having fun with it all month. I call this photo “Mother of Dragon”. haha!


  1. Wow! This is fantabulous! I’m sure you saw or heard all the news about GOT at the Emmys Sunday! Your blog looks really nice! Love the photo of you at the top! Thanks for all you do!


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