Father’s Day is on the horizon.  I love to make a special card (like this one) to give to the special guy in my life.  This fun card and “pop” magnet is easy and quick to make!

(This post first appeared at Dollar Store Crafts, where you can find my new tutorial every Tuesday!)

As I showed you in this post, I enjoy using resin and dollar ice trays to make pendants.  I found this fun bottle shaped ice cube tray in the dollar spot at Target, and I bought it thinking I would use it with resin.  That is, until I tried Plaid’s new Mod Melts.  I love the quick drying time (it takes less than ten minutes to set!) and that it is paintable.  This is perfect for time crunched crafters like yours truly!  Read on to learn how to make a magnet gift with Mod Melts, along with a fun card idea for presenting your gift.

Supplies Used:

To make your own father’s day card and magnet gift:

Step one:  Put the Mod Melts stick in your glue gun.  Fill the bottle in the ice cube tray about half way full.

Step two:  When it’s set (in less than ten minutes), remove the “bottle” from the tray and paint it brown.

Step three:  Cut a strip of paper to wrap around the bottle.  Attach it with Mod Podge.

Step four:  Glue a magnet to the back of the bottle.

Step five:  Print the card text out.  You can find the bright version here and the vintaged version here.

Step six:  Glue a washer to the back of the card stock where you want the magnet to stick.  Mount the card stock onto the front of a card, and stick the bottle on.

Isn’t that fun?  Now your “pop” can remove the magnet from the card front easily.

Hopefully when he sees it on the fridge he’ll be reminded daily that he’s the world’s best pop!



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