You know I love all things vintage and antique, so I just about fell out of my chair when I received a package of Mod Melts from Plaid Crafts.  Check out this hot new product and learn how easy it is to use!


Mod Melts are a crazy cool idea that you will LOVE.   They’re insanely easy to use.  Just put one of the sticks in your glue gun, squeeze the melts into your mold, and wait for them to dry.  They’re set in less than ten minutes!  Then, you’re free to choose how to decorate and use them.  There are so many possibilities.

I had pinned this idea from Ballard Designs several months ago.  I had the idea to use resin in a mold to make my own fancy tacks.

When I received a box of Mod Melts from Plaid I was THRILLED to see the Mod Mold with the shapes I had been looking for.  I was even more excited to realize this was a project I could start and finish in less than 30 minutes.  No waiting all night for resin to cure.  I was about to finally have my own DIY faux brass tacks!


Supplies Needed:
Mod Melts
Mod Mold
Glue Gun
Thumb tacks
Gold and Black Paint


To make your own Mod Melts faux brass tacks:

Step one:  Place the Mod Melts stick in your glue gun.  Fill the space in the Mod Mold by starting in the middle and then moving out till the design is filled.


Step two:  Immediately press a thumb tack into the Mod Melt.  Cover the tack with more melt.

Step three:  Wait a few minutes, then remove the shape from the mold.  Admire all the detail!  If you’re sloppy like me (keeping it real!) then just use craft scissors to trim off strings or excess.

Step four:  Paint the entire shape with gold paint.


Step five:  When the gold paint has dried, apply black paint to the recessed parts of the design.  Use the pouncer to smear and remove some of the black paint.  This will help give it more of an aged, brassy look.


Your faux brass tacks are now ready for use!  They do NOT look like something you made with your hot glue gun, do they?  I think they look fancy and pricey.  I love all the detail in the molds.  You could create bookmarks, hair pins, cabochons, and so many other things with Mod Melts.  I have several ideas that I can’t wait to try out!


If you’d like to give Mod Melts a whirl, they’re available exclusively at Michael’s stores at the end of June.  You can find out more about Mod Melts and Plaid Crafts here:

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For more great ways to use Mod Melts and Mod Molds, visit some of my friends:

Disclaimer: I wrote this post as part of Blueprint Social’s Street Team. All ideas and opinions are my own.



  1. Stacye, the Mod Mold I received is small, so maybe draw pulls for a jewelry box but not larger. You could use (or make) a different mold. The end product is firm but still flexible, like a glue stick. It would probably be ok as a pull, but I would probably seal it with resin or something to protect the finish and make it firmer.

  2. I love the aged brass look you achieved! 2 questions: how much did each stick make (approx. of course)and where did you find the lovely black frame you used in the intro picture?

  3. Nicole, I’m on my second stick and I’ve filled the entire Mod Mold tray three times. It doesn’t take much to fill the mold. The frame is actually an old Italian brass frame that I spray painted black. Check thrift stores and Ebay for them!


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