Ciao!  I’m back again with another faux “old” project.  I truly love vintage decor, and it’s so exciting too be able to create my own “antiques”.


I adore the dress form trend, so I was thrilled to find a huge 17 inch paper mache mannequin form at Consumer Crafts.  There are so many ways you can dress it up, and I decided to make mine look like a sculpture.  Do you love it?  It’s not hard to make!  Here’s how to make your own faux metal bust.

This post first appeared at Crafts Unleashed, where I am a member of their design team.

Supplies Needed:


To make your own beautiful faux metal jewelry stand:

Step one:  Paint the mannequin white.

Step two:  Spread the texture paste on the form.  It will crackle as it dries.

Step three:  Paint over the crackle texture with the gold paint.

Step four:  When it’s dry, brush the glaze over the paint.  Work in sections and try to get the glaze in the cracks.  Use a dry cloth the wipe off the glaze.  This technique deepens the gold color and highlights the crackle finish.


Step five:  Paint the wood pieces black and glue together to form the stand.

Step six:  Glue the mannequin to the base.  I decided to finish off my completed project with Krylon’s clear glaze spray, because I have lots of tiny hands in my house that will try to manhandle my display stand.


I thought I would use this project as a jewelry holder, but it looks so nice that I’m using it as home decor.  It makes a striking accent piece, and, who knows, when I’m ready to redecorate I might finally use it to hold my necklaces!




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