Blast off with this rocket Valentine box! This is a sponsored post with StyleTech Craft Vinyl, but all ideas and opinions are my own.

rocket valentine box

I love to make Valentine boxes for my kids, like this Stitch box. It’s hard to believe this is the last year I’ll be making on for my own kids! My baby is a fifth grader, so I had to come up with something that is fun but still cool enough for him. He loves space, so I made a rocket that’s blasting off! I used a variety of AMAZING metallic and printed vinyls from StyleTech Craft to create a rocket valentine box that is out of this world!

rocket valentine box supplies

Rocket Valentine Box Supplies

My popcorn tin wasn’t completely flat, so I had to cut up a paper bag and trace the can onto it. The paper became the backing for the vinyl, and then I hot glued the paper to the tin container. If you have a tin that is already smooth you’ll be able to just add the vinyl right onto the container.

transfer metallic vinyl

First I designed and then cut ovals for the windows, circles for the design elements, the name, and shapes for the rocket sides. I used transfer tape to add the elements to the blue metallic vinyl that I used for the rocket body.

I transferred one rocket fin to foam core board, then used a craft knife to cut it out. I added the metallic silver piece to the back of the board so it’s shiny on both sides. I hot glued these pieces to the sides of the rocket.


Choose a piece of foam core board or cardboard for the base of the rocket valentine box. Hot glue the tin lid to the base. Then hot glue the rocket on top.

Start to hot glue the Fluffy Snow to the base to make the smoke from the rocket launch.

DIY rocket valentine box

Cut a piece of silver metallic fabric to make a cone for the top of the rocket. I used Oly-Fun fabric, but you could cover cardboard with aluminum foil to get a similar effect. The top just rests on the rocket, so it can be removed when Valentines are added.

make a rocket valentine box

My son said WOW when I showed him this project. Hopefully his classmates will be just as impressed with this rocket Valentine box!



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