Make a hammock cushion so you can lounge in comfort.

Hammock Cushion Tutorial: Lounge in Comfort

Turn your backyard into an oasis with this comfy, outdoor safe hammock cushion. My family loves to lounge on this cushiony mat as we enjoy spending time outdoors. I used an outdoor fabric with special outdoor foam made my Fairfield World to make sure this mat would last a long time. It’s been in my backyard for over a year now and still looks and feels great!


Supplies Used to make a Hammock Cushion:

Check out my short video tutorial, or keep scrolling for the written instructions:

I used two different fabrics, one for the front and one for the back.  The top piece is an outdoor fabric with a flamingo pattern on it.  The bottom piece is a canvas like outdoor fabric in a solid color.  Each piece was approximately 2.5 yards long and 60 inches wide.

Place the fabric with the right sides facing each other, and pin three of the edges.  Sew the edges, like you would with a pillowcase.

Flip the fabric inside out. You have a giant pillowcase!

Place the two pieces of NuFoam side by side and slide one end into the open end of the case.  This part is easier if you have a partner help you.  Grab the ends of the fabric and pull up to slide the foam into the fabric case.  Since the case is about an inch or two wider than the NuFoam Pads, the foam slides in fairly easily.

Fold in the open ends and pin them together.  Sew the open end closed.

Hammock Cushion Tutorial: Lounge in Comfort

I used some excess fabric with smaller NuFoam Pads to make little decorative pillows to add to the hammock mat.

Hammock Cushion Tutorial: Lounge in Comfort

I originally posted this tutorial on the Fairfield World Site, where I am a Master Maker.

Hammock Cushion Tutorial: Lounge in Comfort



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