Any party with a carnival needs a prize booth!  Read on for more ideas.

This week I have been sharing easy ideas for personalizing your own vintage book themed party.  Past tutorials include:
To wrap things up, you’ll need a prize booth so the kids can redeem the tickets earned at the games and build their own goodie bags!
I used a toy storage system I had, but you could easily do the same thing with plastic containers from the dollar store, recycled bowls and vases, or even decorative boxes.
My kids labeled colorful tags with the numbers 1-4 to indicate how many tickets were needed to “buy” the item, and taped the labels to the bins.
Then, we sorted the goodies into the bins.  Prizes included play doh, balls, glo sticks, lollipops, and bubbles.
I placed the treat boxes in the upper left bin for the children to hoard place their goodies.
I played the banker.
IMG_4748 IMG_4747
Thank you for visiting!  I hope that I’ve shown you that it is possible to put together a fun homemade party even if you don’t have a lot of time or resources.  Check back next week for more tutorials!



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