This gingerbread wreath DIY is a fun way to decorate your kitchen for the holidays!

gingerbread wreath diy

One of my favorite things about the holidays is baking.  I have so many wonderful memories of making traditional Christmas baked goodies with my mother.  I combined two of my favorite Christmas memories, baking and gingerbread, to create this fun wreath. I hang it on my pantry door every year to decorate my kitchen for the holidays.

Supplies Used to Make the Gingerbread Wreath DIY:

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Cut the garland to fit around the wreath.  Wind the garland in and out of the wreath branches to hold it in place.  Wrap the wire ends of the berry garland around the wreath form.

Make the miniature whisk (like I did when I made these whisk earrings). Place the holding knobs on the Thing-A-Ma-JIG device as pictured.  Wrap the wire around the two knobs 4 times. Remove the wire from the platform but don’t cut the wire yet.

Twist the wire around the middle and end of the wire loops as pictured.  This will help form the handle of the mini whisk.

Bend and open the wire loops on the other end of the whisk to form the shape.  Twist and move them until you’ve achieved the desired whisk shape.  Use a bit of silver string to attach the whisk to the wreath.

Hot glue the mini rolling pin to the wreath.

gingerbread wreath diy

Choose the gingerbread miniature ornaments that you like. Hot glue them to the wreath branches.

gingerbread wreath diyUse the Bowdabra bow maker to make a red bow for the wreath.  I made two loops on each side, and added the gingham ribbon to make the added tails for the wreath.  Tie the wreath onto the wreath form.

gingerbread wreath diy

You could hot glue a few cinnamon sticks to the wreath to give it that wonderful holiday scent! If you really want to work the gingerbread theme, spray on some gingerbread scented fragrance. Have fun crafting and creating Christmas decor for your home!

gingerbread wreath diy

I originally published this project on the Darice site, where I am a contributor.



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