Learn how to make ombre stacked storage boxes with this easy to follow tutorial.

painted Ombre Stacked Storage Boxes

These pretty boxes are the right size for holding jewelry, stationary, or small craft supplies! I have them in my craft room to hold ephemera and various miniatures. You can use different colors and stencils to make your own ombre stacked storage boxes match your personal decor and style.

Ombre Stacked Storage Boxes

Ombre Stacked Storage Boxes Supplies Used

  • Wood Cigar Style Boxes (3)
  • Wood Spindles (4)
  • Jewelry Pins
  • Wood Glue
  • Jewelry Glue
  • Americana Multi-Surface Acrylics: Pink Cadillac, White Birch
  • Americana Mediums — Pearlizing Medium
  • Metallic Lustre — Black Shimmer
  • Americana Decor Stencils — Distressed Harlequin, Old French Script, Vintage Keys

paint a cigar box

Mix one part Pink Cadillac Paint with one part Pearlizing Medium.  The pearlizing medium helps give the matte paint a subtle shine. Paint one box with this mixture.

Mix one part White Birch Paint with one part Pearlizing Medium.  Paint one box with the pearlized white paint.

Mix one part Pink Cadillac, one part White Birch, and two parts Pearlizing Medium.  Paint the third box with this pink mixture.

how to stencil cigar box

Tape the desired stencil on top of each box.  Use a brush or a foam pouncer to add Black Shimmer Metallic Lustre to each box.  I covered the top and sides of the pink box with the Distressed Harlequin design.

stencil on cigar box

For the other two boxes combine a word from French Script with a Vintage Key to create a design.

Ombre Stacked Storage Boxes tutorial

Paint the 4 spindles with Black Shimmer Metallic Lustre, and glue them to the bottom of the painted White Birch box.  Let the glue dry.

decorate cigar box

Open the jewelry pin and slide it through the opening in the base of the cigar box closure.  Use jewelry glue to glue the pin in place, as pictured.

painted cigar boxes

I originally published this project on the DecoArt site, where I am a contributor.

ombre stacked boxes


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