Make a tool box toy chest in a western farm theme by using vinyl from StyleTechCraft. This is a sponsored post.

plastic chest decorated with vinyl

I was asked to turn a tool box into a “treasure” toy chest for a little boy recently, and happily accepted the creative challenge. I was given the new tool box and permission to decorate it as I saw fit. I decided to use vinyl from StyleTechCraft because I know how well it adheres, how vibrant the colors are, and that the design will withstand lots of use by little hands. Since the recipient’s family owns a farm and he loves animals, I went with a cow pattern and a western theme.

vinyl decorating a tool box

Tool Box Toy Box Supplies Used

decorate plastic box with vinyl

I measure the sections on the top and cut rectangles out of the red glossy vinyl. I rounded the corners on the rectangles so they matched the plastic pieces. Transfer tape was used to easily place the rectangles on the tote.

I used a western font to cut the child’s name from white vinyl. I also duplicated and resized some sheriff badge stars to create the designs on the other sections.

transform a tool box with vinyl

A cow pattern was traced in my Silhouette design studio, and I cut it from white vinyl. I measured the different sections of the tool box so I could cut the white vinyl cow pattern into sections to transfer to the toy box tool chest. Since the tool box was already black, I didn’t have to cut black vinyl. The white on the black background creates the cow print pattern.

Isn’t it fun how vinyl transforms a basic tote? I love this makeover! Now the tool box is perfect for a little kid’s room and ready to be filled with rocks, feathers, Legos, or any other treasures a child wants to hang on to!

Trim the vellum around the vinyl to make the lampshade. Tape the edges of the vellum lampshade together using bits of the clear transfer tape. The transfer tape is so sheer you can’t even see it! Pop the groovy lampshades on the glasses and drop a battery operated tea light inside. When it's time to toast the new year guests can just remove the lampshades and lights.


  1. This is absolutely adorable. When my son was going through his Toy Story phase (which lasted a long time) he would have been thrilled to receive such a wonderful gift. Great job.


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