Cactus Tree Tutorial: Quirky Christmas Decor

This cactus tree tutorial is a fun way to create quirky decor. Pair it with my giant snowman tutorial to make a fun holiday statement. Don’t have a tree this year? Make one!

cactus tree tutorial

Cactus Tree Tutorial Supplies Used

  • Oly-Fun Fabric bolt in Kiwi
  • Oly-Fun Fabric bolt in Cherry Pop
  • Oly-Fun Fabric craft packs in various colors
  • Metallic Oly-Fun Fabric
  • Hot glue gun
  • Lights cut files (free download here and here)
  • Shiny Silver String
make a cactus from fabric
Step one: Unroll the bolt of Kiwi Oly-Fun fabric so that it is approximately 6 feet long.
Step two:  Use chalk and a ruler to outline a piece in the center that is at least 12 inches wide.
Step three:  Use chalk to draw two “arms” for the cactus, one from each side, as pictured.
Oly-Fun cactus tree tutorial
Step four:  Cut out the cactus. Use a low temp hot glue gun to seal the sides of the cactus.  Leave the base open.
Step five:  Use Poly-Fil to fill the cactus.  I found that it’s best to not overstuff it, as that makes the top a bit too heavy.  Lightly fill the “arms” and top to fill them out, then fill the body.  The base can have more fill to help stay upright.
Step six:  Make a Santa hat for the cactus.  See the video above for that tutorial.
cactus tree tutorial made with Oly-Fun fabric
Step seven:  Download the free .svg cut files to make the lights to decorate the tree.  I cut the bulbs from various colors of Oly-Fun fabric, and cut the tops of the lights from silver metallic Oly-Fun fabric.
Step eight:  Use a low temp hot glue gun to assemble the “lights”.  Hot glue the lights to metallic string to create a strand.  Wrap the cactus tree with the fabric light decor.
cactus tree for christmas
I originally published this post on the Fairfield World site, where I am a Master Maker.


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