This fabric butterfly table runner is beautiful and easy to make home decor! This is a sponsored post.
spring easter decor DIY

My favorite color combination for Easter is purple, blue, and yellow. They just shout “spring” to me, so I used them in this project.

DIY butterfly table runner

I used a big, beautiful new fabric die from Crafter’s Edge to quickly make this butterfly table runner. The large butterfly die is specially made to cut multiple layers of fabric at one time. This makes it quick and easy to create fabric projects!

Oly-Fun Fabric project table runner

Supplies Used to Make a Butterfly Table Runner

First I used the Large Butterfly die pieces to cut several colors of the fabric. I used my Crossover II die cutting machine and was able to cut 6 sheets of fabric each time! This makes 3 butterflies.

Cut a piece of the blue fabric to make a runner. Only-Fun is a non-fraying fabric so there is nothing to sew. Just cut and start crafting!

I like to start with the bottom wings on the butterfly. Glue the two large bottom pieces side by side first. Then glue the smaller pieces, in a different color, on top.

butterfly table runner die cut

Glue the large top two wings above the lower wings. Then use a different color to add the smaller sections to the top wings.

I love how this die set has so many pieces to it. It makes it possible to create unique butterflies every time just by changing the colors. Glue on the smallest two pieces and the body of the butterfly.

fabric rosette DIY candle holder

This table runner is the perfect backdrop for the floral decor I made. I crafted a centerpiece and two candle holders to finish off my spring tablescape. You can find the details on how I made the fabric rosettes by watching the video tutorial. I love the way my butterfly table runner coordinates with my spring centerpieces!

butterfly table runner tutorial


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