Crossover II Review. Learn the pros and cons of this fabric and paper cutting system from Crafter’s Edge. Affiliate links included.

Crossover II Review: Crafter's Edge Cutting System

I was flattered to be given the opportunity to review the Crossover II, a fabric and paper cutting machine made by Crafter’s Edge. It was a blast trying out this fabulous machine, and I made a short video to show you how it performs.

Die cutting felt

I tested out the Crossover II using paper dies, fabric dies, and steel dies. The textiles I used for my review were paper, thin cotton fabric, canvas fabric, fabric with fusible webbing, and felt in my Crossover II review. I also included some finished projects to give you an idea of what you can do with the machine.

Crossover II Review: Crafter's Edge Cutting System

Pros and Cons of the Crossover II

  • Small footprint. The cutting system is easy to open and close so it won’t take up a lot of storage space.
  • It’s in my favorite color! I love that it’s not a boring neutral hue.
  • Handle for ease of movement. Tote it from one area to another or to workshops and classes.
  • No more shims! Adjust the pressure by simply spinning a dial!
  • Larger cutting mat than other machines.
  • Cuts fabric cleanly, even with paper dies.
  • Can accommodate multiple dies, from paper dies to steel rule dies, thanks to the adjustable rollers.
  • Cuts multiple pieces of fabric at one time.
  • Handle turns smoothly and easily.
  • Heavy machine (equivalent to other die cutting machines)
  • Need to rely on the instruction manual heavily at first until you learn all the different pressure settings for various textiles.

working with die cuts and fabric

Overall, I am extremely impressed with the Crossover II, and it’s going to be my “go to” die cutting machine. I love that it stores so easily and has a small footprint so it won’t take up a lot of my limited counter space. I’m thrilled that I won’t ever have to mess around with shims again, trying to figure out how to make a die work with my machine. The dial system is very easy to learn and to use. I highly recommend the Crossover II from Crafter’s Edge!

fabric die cut projects

I was sent the Crossover II at no cost in exchange for my honest review and have not been compensated monetarily for this review.



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