These witchy color change cups made with vinyl go from white to color when they get cold or are exposed to the sun. This is a sponsored post with StyleTech Craft Vinyl but all ideas and opinions are my own.

color change vinyl cups before

If you haven’t played with color change vinyl you MUST TRY IT! It’s so fun and every one I have made has been claimed by my kids. They absolutely love watching the graphics on their glasses change from white to color before their eyes! The photo above shows what they look like inside at room temperature. Now check out the next image:

color change vinyl cups

Isn’t that incredible?? The center glass is made with cold color change vinyl, so it changes color when the glass gets cold. The other two glasses are made with sun change vinyl, which changes color when the vinyl is exposed to sun light. The more intense the light is, the more intense the color becomes! It’s perfect for summer crafting.

Please visit my Instagram page to see the video tutorials for this project!

cold change vinyl cup before

The color change vinyl looks like frosted glass when it’s not cold. I cut the design from black gloss vinyl (also from StyleTech Craft) and placed it on a backing that is cut from blue color change vinyl.

Pop the glass in the freezer for a few minutes, or fill it with an icy cold beverage, and the color changes! This product is also available in pink and purple.

sun change vinyl before

The sun change vinyl is a little thicker and looks off white when it’s not exposed to the sun. I cut the outline from black gloss vinyl and placed it over yellow sun change vinyl. I also cut the smaller elements from the other colors available: blue, purple and pink.

sun change vinyl cup before

Fore the peace hands I used gold metallic vinyl from StyleTech Craft to make the outline. Then I used all of the colors to make the inside of the cut piece. Layer the gold on top of the sun change vinyl before you transfer the hands to the glass.

sun change vinyl cups

Once they’re in the sun the color emerges! I love how vibrant it is! Have fun crafting and creating witchy color change cups to enjoy at home!

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